Saturday, August 19, 2006

Taxes, Housing, Growth, and War

The following seem to be a standard set of tenets for anti-Bush crowd:

  • The Bush tax cuts were irresponsible.

  • The housing boom was unhealthy.

  • Employment growth over the past five years has been inadequate.

I’m no fan of W myself, but I’m puzzled by this triplethink. What macroeconomic policies were people hoping for? What policies would have increased employment without exacerbating either the budget deficit or the housing boom?

Let’s look at an alternative path in which the tax cuts hadn’t taken place. The tech bubble would have burst anyhow. (It started to burst long before the first tax cut.) Without the 2001 tax cut, the recession would have been deeper and lasted longer. Without the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, the painfully slow recovery would have been even slower. Quite possibly the Fed would have cut rates all the way down to zero. (That’s only one percentage point away from what actually happened.) The housing boom – as the only major source of demand facilitating a recovery – would have been pushed to an extreme that would make last year’s experience look mild. (Exercise for the reader: calculate the present value of a perpetual stream of housing services discounted at 0%.)

If anything, the tax cuts were not irresponsible enough. Instead of tax cuts on capital income, designed to encourage virtuous activities like saving and investment, what we needed were sleazy, Keynesian tax cuts to encourage Joe Sixpack to switch to high-quality microbrews. (Fortunately, the tax cuts were entirely ineffective at encouraging saving.) Or perhaps, instead of tax cuts, we should have built a lot more bridges to nowhere back when we were facing an excess of unbroken windows.

The only alternative economic stimulus would have been a weaker dollar. You may recall, though, that Europe and Japan were facing inadequate growth at the same time, and the other Asian countries had plenty of unexploited potential. A deliberate weak dollar policy, back in 2001-2004, would have fallen into the classic “beggar thy neighbor” category. And with the rest of the world playing the same game, it’s implausible that ordinary fiscal, monetary, and “talking down” policies could have made the dollar so weak as to substitute for the stimulus of the tax cuts. That would have required dramatic intervention against the dollar, on a scale never even imagined, and with the explicitly aggressive intent of forcing the Asians (under threat of bankruptcy) to give up their own intervention policies. I don’t recall anyone advocating such actions at the time.

If you want to blame Bush for the economic problems of this decade, don’t blame his economic policies; blame his foreign policy. Whatever its ex ante merits may have been, the Iraq war, along with the atmosphere of tension it induces in the region, has clearly been partly responsible for the rising price of oil, which is exactly what has placed such a tight limit on the current recovery. (Try this thought experiment: assume the actual path for the cost of non-energy value added in the US, and suppose that the price of oil had risen much less. What would the inflation rate be? Would the Fed have kept tightening so long?)

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Blogger Calculated Risk said...

I disagree. It's not the size of the Bush tax cuts, it's that the structure was an inappropriate response. See Economists' statement opposing the Bush tax cuts

What did the higher income Americans do with their extra money? Buy 2nd houses. Invest in China or emerging markets. How did that help the U.S.? Ok, it helped a little, but the U.S. received very little bang for the buck.

Sure. Blame Bush's foreign policy. But also blame Bush's domestic policies.

And Bush should be blamed for the housing boom and coming bust too. If Bush's fiscal policies had been more in line with the above recommendations, the Fed probably wouldn't have had to hold rates at emergency levels for an extended period.

And I think it was outrageous to permit DAPs (now considered a scam by the IRS), lax lending standards, the proliferation of Option ARMs, etc. Where were the regulatory agencies?

I think you are being too nice.

Bush deserves the blame.

Sat Aug 19, 07:30:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


When many of us criticize Bush's tax cuts, what we generally mean is that Bush's tax cuts were backloaded and contributed very little to the recovery. For example, Bush opposed the Democratic proposal to give tax rebates as a way to stimulate demand. One can argue whether or not those rebates had much stimulative effect, but it's hard to argue that Bush's tax cuts had much effect because we were pretty well past the NBER dating of the recession before those tax cuts kicked in.

The fact that most of the investment boom came in the form of a housing boom effectively means that most of our investment is also in the nontradeable goods sector, which will be a problem down the road as we try to get our trade imbalance straightened out. More aggressive investment tax credits in manufacturing and education/training was something that Bush didn't really push. In fact, Republicans were actually wanting to make investment tax credits permanent, which would have completely defeated the purpose of investment tax credits because it would not have accelerated the timing of the investments.

Finally, whenever Bush opponents pointed out that a $1 increase in spending had more fiscal punch than a $1 reduction in taxes, Bush frequently replied that he was not tailoring his tax cuts as short term fiscal pump priming. So in this sense Bush was no more than an accidental Keyensian and I think it's a bit odd of the Administration to want to claim credit for being wise Keynesians when at the time they went to great efforts to pooh-pooh pump priming.

Sun Aug 20, 05:46:00 PM EDT  
Blogger knzn said...

These comments seem to take the “half a loaf is worse than none” view. I can’t agree that “it's hard to argue that Bush's tax cuts had much effect because we were pretty well past the NBER dating of the recession before those tax cuts kicked in.” First of all, the NBER dates are irrelevant: the labor market recession continued a good 2 years beyond the NBER recession, and its recovery was quite sluggish for the nearly 2 years after that. If the tax cuts reduced the risk of a Japanese-style “growth depression,” they were clearly helpful. The second tax cut was not designed specifically as a fiscal stimulus, but that side effect was clearly intentional. (The Bush administration was well aware at the time that the recovery was not proceeding as hoped.) And the evidence suggests that the (semi-)permanent nature of those tax cuts significantly magnified the stimulus. (Consumption rose much faster than disposable income, and it rose disproportionately among the income categories most affected by the tax cut.) I don’t think the evidence supports the way CR characterizes what higher income Americans did with the extra money. The 2nd houses and foreign investments came out of existing savings, and their consumption went up anyway.

I grant the point that if Bush had been a hard core Keynesian, he could have gotten more bang for the buck. But I’m skeptical as to whether he could have gotten a lot more bang for the buck, and I think there is reason to suspect that real Keynesians would have been overoptimistic about how much bang they could get for only a few bucks. Ex post it’s not a big deal, because it is apparent that the monetary stimulus was sufficient, but ex ante, facing a possible liquidity trap, I think we were safer with an expensive tax cut than with a more targeted but significantly cheaper one.

Sun Aug 20, 10:40:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Laurent GUERBY said...

There's more Bush stupidity than just irresponsible tax cuts.

Mon Aug 21, 01:58:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you ignore the possibility of FICA cuts? Or extending the FICA income limit and using the income to lower income taxes on the lower end of the income scale?

To say the US is better off with the tax cuts is like saying the world is better off without Saddam Hussein. Both may (or may not) be true, but we should all reject these Hobson's choices, look at a few more alternatives and try to focus on getting the best policies possible.

Fri Aug 25, 01:00:00 PM EDT  
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